Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Most of you know me, so I will be blunt. Do you know why celebrities and other highly successful people use trainers/coaches: IT WORKS (Crazy concept I know : ).
That is the same exact reason “normal” people are turning to personal training. More and more people are turning towards personal trainers to help them make the shift from mediocre to excellence in pursuit of health, weight-loss, and fitness.

The way things are…

More than 91% of people who start an exercise program quit early—even before their new routine becomes a habit, and 61% will give up within the very first week : ( !1
Why? It isn’t easy : (. Changing your life is hard. You have “worked” a lifetime building and refining your daily habits, good ones and bad ones. Anytime you try to change those habits, it is going to hurt. I don’t care what the infomercials and ads say about you losing weight and getting a six pack in 30 days or even six weeks that is just crazy talk. Do you know Professional Bodybuilders start dieting for a competition 16 to 12 weeks out…and they use performance enhancing drugs? They are pros and are super lean already and it takes them at least 12 weeks. Why in the world do we fall into the trap of thinking we can buy pill X or Y and poof in 4 weeks we look like a sports model? The unfortunate truth is, getting fit requires a lifestyle makeover that takes.
  • Time
  • Determination
  • Support
If one of the above is missing, your chances of success drop…a lot…sad but true.

The solution : )

The great news is that one of the above components can almost guarantee you will get the other two. You know which one it is? It’s support! As Pat the PT Guru says, “Support is the heart of what a good personal trainer provides.”
A personal trainer should help with the time factor in two ways:
  1. They should provide you with accountability…Like helping you find time in your schedule to actually work out.
  2. They should “force/provide” commitment…Like helping you stick with your program long enough (At least 12 Weeks) to reach your goals.
A good personal trainer is normally highly organized and has great time management skills. This enables them to better support you by looking at your schedule and coming up with ways to make your session happen. I for example have trained clients via Skype, Google Hangouts, Messenger, and even the phone when something crazy came up in their schedule or when they were on vacation. When life happens normally we can always find a way. Plus, a grounded and I would even say a wise PT is a guru at figuring out how to work exercise into even the busiest schedules. They should be able to design workouts that are both efficient and effective (Like my soon to be released, Busy Mom’s Plug & Play 12 Week Fat-Loss Program…30 minutes twice a week, an optional third if you want it). Lastly, a personal trainer should provide some motivation to help you when you don’t feel like you can keep going, a personal trainer will continue to keep you going long after you would have stopped if you were doing it alone.
A personal trainer also support you with determination. At the beginning of any new weight loss program it is normal for you to be excited. It’s something new and shiny and the joy of discovery is enough to keep you going…at least for a little while. Then “it” happens! It becomes old and boring, your determination fades and you start to wander off the “right and narrow” in the search of something else that is easier…like a magic cream or pill. When this starts to happen a good personal trainer will “assist” you and help you keep your determination. He will remind you of your “why” the real reason you are working and developing new habits. A great trainer will help you blast through and over obstacles that threaten your new lifestyle. A master personal trainer will also remind you of the consequences of your choices and make sure you keep moving forward.
Lastly, a personal trainer supports you as a “Done For You Guide.” A trainer should provide the the practical, step-by-step instructions for realizing your goals. Your personal trainer should be an expert in the field of exercise science. If you have a personal trainer, you don’t have to waste time on Google or Youtude “creating” your own “programs”, constantly wondering whether you are doing the right exercises in the right way. A personal trainer will create a customized blueprint that will help you achieve your goals.
In short, a personal trainer should be viewed as your insurance policy against being another number in the drop-out statistic mentioned above. Where’s the thing, don’t do it alone! We all need assistance, shoot even I have a business trainer.
In short, set yourself up for success by choosing to work with a personal trainer and watch the dress sizes and pants sizes drop.
Go be awesome,
KELLEN LAKE – Offering support when you need it : )
1 http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/42936158/ns/today-today_health/t/tips-make-fitness-last-lifetime/#.T-hd6PXuBmo

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