Julio Jones

This past weekend my dad and I were blessed with the opportunity to go to the Panthers versus Atlanta football game.  It was a great game and a great experience. My dad and I both love football and we both love the Panthers. Whenever they beat the dirty bird Falcons it is an added bonus!

The Falcons have arguably one of the best receivers in the game named Julio Jones number 11. This dude is a freak of nature, he’s like 6’4” and got a six pack and weighs in at 220-230, plus he is super fast and athletic (Sounds great right?) Pretty much any time you throw the ball to him, he will catch it. Except… When he is wide open, impatient and freaks out.

Impatient and Losing Focus

Julio Jones had an opportunity to catch a touchdown pass that would have likely taken the game into overtime. Nobody was around, he was so wide open and the ball was coming down so slowly, it should have been an easy catch for a TD.

As luck would have it, he was so wide open, he became impatient and lost his focus, the ball hit him right in the hands and fell to the ground. He messed up and cost his team some valuable points! Plus, He missed a pass in front of every single fan at the stadium. And every single fan let him know about it as well.

Can you relate to this? Imagine if that were you? Imagine if you had a task or a goal and you “dropped the ball” because you became impatient and lost focus. Imagine if you had failed your entire fan base and everyone gasped and then pointed and laughed? It would totally stink right!

What About You?

I tell you that story, to tell you that sometimes we as humans get tired and bored of the mundane. We get tired of doing the same “simple” but effective things day in and day out that lead to small but steady changes and get results.

Instead of focusing on the fundamentals, like catching a simple pass, we start to focus on big radical changes. We would rather invest in some infomercial product that says you don’t need to change anything, simply pay them for a product and “boom” your weight is gone. When in reality the last thing you need to focus on is something crazy. You just need to stick with the fundamentals and do the simple things consistently.

Do You Suffer From Impatience?

Are you losing pounds, or are you losing inches, or maybe your clothes are too big? Whatever it is, if you are getting results, why would you change it? Don’t be like Julio Jones. Don’t get impatient and freak out. Stay the course, use your fundamentals and do them consistently. You’ll get results.


Now go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Want to learn the fundamentals and have a program customized to your needs? Reply and lets get started :-), it is all about Just You.

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