Train Smarter Not Harder

As a personal trainer I get blessed with the opportunity to help people on a daily basis. On top of that, a seriously doubt there is anything cooler than training a new client who is super eager and ready to change their lifestyle and develop new habits. Often these new “cult” members..opps I mean clients : ) are busting butt trying to undo what has often taken years to get to. They are trying to make up for lost time. As such, they are contagious, much like an infectious disease. They ooze and drip passion and motivation…as a trainer this is extremely gratifying.

However…many new and eager clients make the same common mistake – overtraining (all my current clients who are reading this just said, “Amen, that was me.” A newcomers thoughts often go something like this. “If 10 air squats are good, then 30 is better,” or “If 25 pounds is challenging, then 45 pounds will really get me lean.” Basically they have the mindset of more leads to faster results and is “better.”

Here is the thing, that is simply not true. Plus, if you go all psycho it can actually lead to injuries and missing workouts, which is even worse. It should be no surprise that consistency and moderation, as in life are the true keys to success. I don’t care what we are talking about, as a general rule, too much of anything can set you back.

Don’ BELIEVE me?

Consider this example. If you take 1-2 laxatives and it “solves” your problem, you would be crazy to take 4-8 more laxatives! If 1-2 makes your “problem” literally go away and disappear, you don’t need the “extra” help. Plus, taking the extra 4-8 laxatives is wasted effort and likely explosive, not to mention potentially dangerous for you and your household.

Joking aside

Overtraining, doing to much too soon does not get you faster results. It generally just leads to injury and worse yet burn out. Do not push yourself to the point of getting strains or muscle tears.

For those just starting out, I suggest you start at a pace that is sustainable. If you sprint out of the blocks with as much intensity and speed as possible and your body is not ready for it, you will burn out and then most likely quit. Nobody wants that. Then you will really be right back where you started.
The best choice is to focus on consistency and moderation.

That is why I created the Busy Moms Plug & Play 12 Week Fat-Loss Program. It has easy, medium, and hard days for the very purposes mentioned above, I want it to be repeatable and sustainable. If it’s not, you will quit and gain it back. After all, what you do consistently is more valuable than what you do once in awhile.

To works like interest and the compounding effect. The more time under tension you have the better and longer lasting your results will be. Use this strategy, it works, or have just join the Busy Moms Plug & Play 12 Week Fat-Loss Program and allow me to guide and support you.

Go be awesome

KELLEN LAKE – Sometimes slow is good : )

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