Do You Use Reminders To Help You Lose Weight? Should You?

What do you do to keep yourself on track? Do you know what some of the most successful people in the world do? Let me tell you : )

When you embark on any new journey, regardless if it is more weightloss or not you need often need to develop new habits and change your current lifestyle. That sounds great right? The main problem though, is you actually have to change…the new habits and lifestyle are merely philosophical until you do something. To help facilitate this process you need to not only set goals but keep them at the front of you awareness. Just like a good marketer.

A simple and effective way to do this is to “post” external reminders. This replaces the concept of just trying to remember it. The main idea is you place little reminders at your your home and place of work. Just think, if you had a reminder of your goal right next to the refrigerator handle? It could really make a huge impact in your calorie consumption.

The following are some ideas for you to consider and use.

  1. Post It Notes! – I personally don’t use these, but…I am told this is a simple way to post a reminder. All you need to do is write a reminder and post it. Shoot write several and post them around.
  2. Computer Screen Saver or Phone Background – I love this idea. What if you had a picture of yourself from say HS, or whenever you looked your best and every time you used your phone or computer that was the first image you saw? I bet the chances of you staying on track would sky rocket. Or…write take a picture of a inspiring quote, be creative.
  3. Put it In Your Planner – This is what I do and I love it! I rarely leave anything to chance, because I will forget it. As such, I schedule everything in my planner and block out the time for it! You can do the same : ) I will even help.

I get it. At first it can be a real pain to to stay on the right and narrow while trying to reach your goals. Especially if you are getting pulled into a million different directions and life is challenging you at every turn.

BUT! If you plan ahead and take the time to have external reminders to help keep you accountable and on track. Your chances of success will go up A LOT!

Your TASKS for this week is to pick one method above and use it!

Go be awesome and let me know how it goes!

KELLEN LAKE – I forgot my reminder : )

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Do You Use Reminders To Help You Lose Weight? Should You?

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