Going to vent a little bit today.

This morning I was waiting for some awesome clients to show up. They were running a little late, but the husband was the hero and lovingly encouraged the beautiful wife that they should get up and go to their training session. And lucky for the wife they made it, it was fantastic, if I do say so myself. They got to enjoy their customized workout, based on their personal goals. Now their legs and core are feeling blessed and they’re closer to their goals :-).

Anyway, I was waiting for them to show up and I saw a commercial about a certain large commercial Gym. This gym is marketing their facility for not $10, not $1, but $0.25 down and you know what the benefits of using their facility is? You get to use their equipment! Yep, you pay them $0.25 upfront and then $10 for the rest of the year and you get pizza every once in awhile, some donuts every once in awhile, and as an added feature you can use their equipment. Because apparently, if you simply use exercise equipment it works…NOT!

That would be like having a pipe burst and buying a wrench thinking the simple act of buying a wrench would fix the problem. It won’t, you will also need to buy the plumber to use and wrench properly. Yes, the plumber is going to cost you more than the wrench, but you will get your problem fixed.

The big box health clubs don’t want you to succeed. They don’t even want you to show up.

That’s the honest truth. That business model of big commercials is slowly but surely, believe it or not, going out of business. Why? Because their “clients” aren’t getting results. Big globo gyms whole point of signing on new clients isn’t to get them results.

They could care less about you much less your goals or your results. All they want is for you to keep sending in your $1, or your $10 or $40 a month membership to their facility to lease their equipment or use their “wrenches”. Shoot, for them even, better yet if you don’t even show up. That way you just make those little monthly payments.

They offer zero personalization, zero nutritional coaching, zero training… and unfortunately, more often than not, zero results. (Just try asking them for a results guarantee).

I want to mention all that to you because with all those options you’re basically buying workouts or access to equipment.

Not results.

At Just You Fitness Winston-Salem you are investing in results. You are investing in a custom-designed program to fit your personal needs and goals…and every training session will be individually designed for Just You.

Rant over…: )

Go be awesome.

KELLEN LAKE – No, I don’t give out pizza and doughnuts…only results.

PS – Try a free session on me :-).

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Going to vent a little bit today. This morning I was waiting for some awesome clients to show up. They were running a little late, but […]
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