As I sit outside writing this, my kids are using their “Self-Talk” to do great things. Axel is saying, “Axel is a good raker of leafs.” Kenna is saying, “Axel! That is MINE! Mine leaf, mine job! Kenna’s job!” Yes, they may be fighting but they have 100% confidence in their abilities : ). What about you? Is your Self-Talk confident, strong, and encouraging?

There are three ways most people talk about themselves in regards to fat-loss.

  1. Their body – I will never have the body of my dream, I just don’t have the dedication required.
  2. Their food – I just can’t say no, whenever I go to out with friends or I am at a family event I always cave.
  3. Working out – I can’t workout until I lose weight, if I go to the gym I will feel super nervous. Plus, I have no clue what to do!

That kind of “Self-Talk” is crippling! Worse yet, It is even prophetic, if you dwell on the negative you will reap the negative consequences. If you send 80% of your mental energy on “Can’t” and past failures, you will reap 80% less success. Sounds simple, but it is so true.

How would, (Insert famous athlete or celebrity you want to look like), say about themselves in-regards to fitness?

Do you think they say, “Wow, you guys brought donuts to work, I can never resist donuts. I am going to eat them and it’s your fault, lol.” Do you think they say, “I hate working out! I only do it because I have to.” I doubt. The point is, people who are “fit” also “think” they are fit and their self-talk reflects that. Thus, the inverse is true and possible. If you “think” fit and talk to yourself as if you are fit, your actions will change, which will lead to fat-loss and body change.

Stated Belief + Practiced Belief = Actual Belief

When I was in Graduate School…all 98 credits of it…I had an Ethics Professor named Dr. Liederbacher and be often mentioned the above. Your stated beliefs (self-talk) and your practiced beliefs (actions) have to be aligned. If you start with, “I am a tired, busy, out-of-shape,” then you add working out and dieting, the equation won’t workout. Your stated belief must match your practiced belief to equal true lasting results.

In short, change your self-talk and “fake” it still you make it : ).

Now go and be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Stated Believe + Practiced Belief = Actual Belief

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