What is a Capybara?

So the question is have you ever eaten a Capybara? Most of you just read that and shook your heads and said, “No, I don’t even know what a Capybara is. Lucky for you, I do. A Capybara is the largest rodent known to man, which lives predominantly in Brazil and in other parts of South America. And as my wife just pointed out at Circuses they are marketed as, “The World’s Largest Rat.”  I feel confident, that most of you should said no and maybe puked a little : ).  Well, I have…several times :-).

Why am I bringing this up?

Well today, because I’m doing my wonderful Four-Week Holiday Dash, I am posting everything I eat on Facebook as a form of accountability. So this morning, I had a green smoothie. This green smoothie had one frozen banana, one cup of almond milk, one tablespoon of peanut butter, one scoop of strawberry protein, and to top it all off two cups of raw spinach.

Let’s just say there were a lot of haters regarding the 2 cups of raw spinach. Here’s the thing people, my most kids love this smoothie. It’s basically a strawberry milkshake to them. Yes, when I first started putting spinach in a protein shake I thought I was going to be absolutely nasty and disgusting. I thought it would taste like lettuce. Take my word for it, NEVER put lettuce into a smoothie AND then drink it. You will gag. And yes, I’ve tried ground up lettuce, it’s terrible super bitter, don’t do it.

Now spinach on the other hand has a neutral flavor and tastes delicious. You know what my spinach taste like? It tasted like a banana strawberry smoothie.

So what’s the point of this narrative?

If you don’t try new things regarding your nutrition, regarding your lifestyle, regarding your exercise habits. How do you expect anything to change? If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results. You need to try new things, it doesn’t have to be spinach, because God forbid that would make the world end apparently. But you need to get out of your comfort zone and try and do new things. Like eat Capybara.

Back to the Capybara.

Listen, you think I would have eaten Capybara if I knew what it was? No, probably not. But when I lived in Brazil my dad, my brother, and I went up to this Village in the middle of nowhere. They literally had car engines on logs and would ride him around, kind of reminded me of the Flintstones. Anyway they invited us to a barbecue because we helped them build a couple of new buildings.

On a side-note, they would mix beer and Coke together. Everybody drank it, even the children. Anyway, they passed out the barbecue meat and it was pretty good. It was just kind of oily and I was eating a ton of it because as you probably know, I love meat. So I asked somebody, what kind of beef is this? The response I got was it is not beef, it is rat…Capybara. Now, you think that slowed me down? Nope, not even a little bit. Yes, I was eating a gaint rat and it tasted great, so I kept eating.

What if I never would have tried something new? I never would have been blessed with the opportunity to eat The World’s Largest Rodent not just once, but three + times :-).

With that said I have attached the meal planner that I finished on Monday. Go ahead and review it. If you’re just beginning and in the first 12 weeks it isn’t super important. Just focus on eating quality food, protein and produce. However, once you hit a plateau and you are just eating produce and protein and not losing weight, the next step is meal planning. Or if you’re like super organized and you like a plan go for it.

I was always go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Proudly ate Capybara : )

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