This is a confession of Kellen Lake recovering binge eater, also personal trainer :-).

So, this last weekend I had french toast, with syrup, and no, not the sugar free syrup, the full sugar syrup with artificial butter flavoring. Yes, terrible choice by me. Feel free to judge and condemn me :-).

I also later had ice cream cake, two servings of it, it was delicious. It was the same recipe that my mom used to make when I was a kid. There’s a layer of homemade fudge, a layer of cookies and cream ice cream, and then a layer of crunched up Oreos mixed with peanut butter as the crust. To say it is to die fonr is it an understatement.

Do you know what the best part of all of this was?

I lost weight this weekend!

You’re probably like, “How in the world did you eat all that…You fatty and still lose weight? I hate men, all they have to do is think about losing weight and they lose it.  I bet he worked out a lot before and after.”

Actually, I didn’t.

You want to know the secret to how I was able to eat all that stuff and still lose weight?  I’m sure you do so I will end the suspense.

I logged ALL my food on MyFitnessPal.

Here’s the thing, I planned ahead. I knew that I was going to have french toast with syrup.

So I logged in french toast and syrup before I had it at the beginning of my day. This way those calories were already counted for and I could make adjustments to my eating habits for breakfast and lunch.

Yes, this does mean I ate less for breakfast and lunch. I ate predominately lean cuts of protein and produce. I chose to sacrifice some calories at the beginning of my day so that I could really enjoy French toast and syrup later in my day.

Likewise, on Saturday when I knew Beth was making ice cream cake, I logged in 600 calories worth of ice cream cake, because I knew I was going to eat two servings.

Now, were those calories quality calories, no absolutely not! They were totally garbage calories, however, because I was in a caloric deficit over the extent of the entire week I actually lost a pound since the previous week.

So what’s the moral of the story?

If you’re really serious about losing weight, but you don’t want to give up everything and you’re willing to make small sacrifices, logging your food is one of the simplest things you can do to plan ahead and make sure you’re in a caloric deficit.

Two of key philosophies that I preach to my clients are these.

  1. The quantity of food you consume equals your scale weight. If you want the scale number to go down you have to eat less food.
  2. The quality of food you consume equals your body composition.  If you eat better calories, not French toast or ice cream cake, your body will look better even if you eat too many calories.

Obviously, in a perfect world you eat less food and better quality calories and you get the best results. But let’s be honest, all of us need a little ice cream and cake every now and then :-).

I hope you learned something today. Logging your food is a simple way to educate yourself and to eat less food which result in you losing more weight.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Log you food.

PS – click the link below to download myfitnesspal, you will be glad you did –

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