Happy Halloween!

As I mentioned earlier in an article, I love Halloween. This last weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to go to an awesome Halloween party hosted by a friend and fellow Panther fan. This friend of mine was dressed up as a Sith Lord. If you don’t know what a Sith Lord is I am sorry, your childhood and even your adulthood has been deprived and you’ve been robbed. You should totally request a do over.

For those who don’t know what a Sith Lord is, they are really bad dudes. They live to gain power from Hate and Fear, it fuels them and they are the antithesis to the Jedi. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about I’m sorry. It’s a Star Wars thing, Star Wars is awesome, it should be required viewing for all in school.

As you know, I’ve been on my Four-Week Holiday Dash (going to lose 15 pounds, only 6 to go). On a side note, I bet you’re sick of hearing about it. I know I’m kind of sick of talking about, but I made a plan and I am sticking with it. Part of the plan is that I get to have three indulgences or cheat meals a week. They are planned out in advance.

While at the Sith Lord’s party

Regarding the Sith Lord’s party, the plan was I would play it by feel. I had two indulgences left for the week and I was only going to use one of them if I really needed it. Ideally though, I was going to be good and have two remaining for Sunday.

We go to the party and my friend, the Sith Lord asked if I’d like something to drink a beer or cider. I love hard cider! I find it delicious and refreshing. But, I said, “No thank you, maybe later.”

This was when the Sith Lord used his evil tricks : ). The Sith Lord, happens to be a CEO of a company and a former salesman. As any good salesman and/or Sith Lord would do, he made me feel like I had to use my indulgence with his mind tricks.

He said, “Sure, no problem.” He got up, went and got a drink for himself and then sat a big cup of cider right in front me without looking at me or saying a word. He just set it down, right in front of me assuming and being assertive that I would drink it…Pure evil right?

And guess what? You think I caved to the pressure? You think I said, “No” to the deliciousness? I totally caved and went over to the Dark Side…

I drank it, it was delicious indulgence number two and completely worth it. Plus, if I had said, “No.” The Sith Lord would have likely chopped off my hands.

So what’s the point of the story?

If I had not prepared in advance, if I didn’t have a plan I would have failed. It isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when. If I had not planned my indulgences and saved them of the weekend, when I know it is the hardest, I would have been screwed. Cuz my willpower would have caved in a social setting.

As you know, being in a social setting is difficult. What if I already used all my indulgences during the week? I would have caved and been less than 90% compliant.

What does 90% compliant mean?

To be successful at losing weight you want to be 90% compliant with your eating plan. If you follow a good plan (like the Just You Fitness 30 Day Maximum Fat-Loss Guide) and stay on target 90% of the time, you will sustain continued fat loss and weight loss.

Practically, if you’re averaging about four meals a day, you can have three cheat meals per week. This is why I allow myself three cheat meals because I’ll be at or over 90% compliancy.

So, because I was prepared, because I thought in advance about the situations that were coming ahead. I was able to plan and prepare and still be 90% compliant and enjoy my time at the party and still lose weight. It was a true win win.

Alright that’s it for today : ) if you need help planning meals and or just losing weight I’d love to help you out and design your own Four-Week Holiday Dash, comment below to get started.


Now go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – The Jedi Master…who failed, but loved the experience.

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