Being Lean Is Habit

Key idea, people who are lean are in the habit of being lean. They have been eating (practicing) being lean a long time. They didn’t get lean over night, just like I didn’t learn to play soccer over night.

When I was 10 we moved to Brazil and in Brazil soccer is a religion. I was terrible, straight up terrible, plus I was morbidly obese which didn’t help (I was 225 and 10 years old, I weigh less now). The way I saw it, I had two options. “Accept my fate,” or do something about. I chose to take action and practiced soccer 24/7, I was obsessive. Guess what, after about 2-3 years I became a pretty great soccer player. However, the point is, if you want to be lean, you have to think and act “practice” being lean.

The good news is that the more you practice it, the better you will get. Being lean is a skill, just like playing soccer. You need to practice!

The 5 Secret “Amazonian” Fat-Loss Skills To Develop To Become Lean

  • Stop eating once you are 80% full, don’t eat until you feel full.
  • Planning out your meals a week ahead of time
  • Shopping ahead of time
  • Prepping and cooking ahead of time
  • Portioning the food ahead of time
  • Scheduling time for the meal ahead of time

If this sounds overwhelming, start with one meal, like breakfast, remember you are practicing being lean. Plan all your breakfasts for the week, shop for the items needed, prepare and cook the items, portion out the food, and schedule your breakfast time, maybe you need to set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than normal.

The point is you need to develop the habit of being lean. Once you have mastered breakfast add lunch, after lunch, add dinner, etc. Over an extended period of time you will become lean, because you are acting like a lean person.  Sounds simple, yes! Is it easy no. This is where accountability and support is key.


Now go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Still love soccer…still practicing being lean too :-).

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