At Least Three Lessons

Over the weekend my family and I were at my mom and dad’s, and we were blessed with opportunity to watch a renowned film and documentary called, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” As I watched this inspiring movie. I was ah struck and believe here are at least three things we should all learn from The Grinch who stole Christmas. Those three things are Passion, Drive, and Work Ethic. I have rarely, if ever seen an individual work so hard for a singular goal in my life. To say the Grinch has impacted my life, would be an understatement :-).

The first thing we’ll talk about is Passion.

Right from the beginning of the Grinch who stole Christmas you could tell this dude was passionate. I am talking the passion I feel when I make Kraft Mac and Cheese.  The Grinch just didn’t dislike Christmas, he hated Christmas and everything it entailed. This all consuming passion empowered him to do some pretty crazy things I will admit. However, his passion enabled him to do much more than he probably ever could have imagined.

Imagine what you could do with that kind of passion? Imagine what you could do with even a tenth of that kind of passion? Shoot, if I had that much passion I would likely have 5 more kids…or Beth would have shot me…I guess we will never know. Any way, the Grinch’s passion led him to take down an entire town’s Christmas decorations. Are you kidding me? Do you know how much work that is? Just putting up a tree is a pain in the butt, imagine taking down a tree not just from one house but from an entire town! That is passion!

Where is the carry over for us? What is it that you can be passionate about? What is something you can become all consumed if? What can you get all consumed with, that will drive you to do things to almost an eccentric level to get phenomenal results?

I workout because I enjoy it, it’s fun, it is something to do because I get bored easily, I love the results and the way it makes me feel. Ever since I was 13 when I got my first weight set for Christmas, it’s been a passion. The point is, you need to find something that our passionate about and then give it 100% like the Grinch.

The second thing we’ll talk about is Dive.

Not only was the Grinch passionate about what he wanted to do, and about what he wanted to see happen. The Grinch had the DRIVE to do it.

How often do you become passionate about something, but then failed to do anything?  It’s easy to get an emotional response and get kind of all hyped up if you see a motivational speaker, maybe an infomercial on TV, maybe P90X or Shaun T doing some crazy workout. In your mind you’re like, “Yes, I can do this. I want to do this! This is going to be great! I’m not going to stop this time!”

However 1 week…Maybe one day later, your drive is gone. Your kids got in the way. Work got in the way. The bed was just too warm to get out of, etc…

So what can we learn from the Grinch? He took action, not only was his passion fiery enough to get him to have an idea, a grand idea if you will. But this passion translated into drive. His drive led him to either create or buy a HUGE sled, he got a dog to pull the monstrosity (sidenote that dog was small too, so I would guess that dog was super expensive and genetically altered). The Grinch then traveled all the way from the top of his Mountain…IN THE WINTER…WITH SNOW AND ICE…IN THE DARK! Are you kidding me! Any way, he drove all the way down and he stole everyone’s Christmas gifts…THAT…My friends is DRIVE!

Plus, he just didn’t throw the stuff out into their yard. He collected all of it and took it all the way up the hill with him! Rarely, have I seen Drive demonstrated so well as when the Grinch did this amazing feat. Have you ever carried an empty sled up a hill? That is exhausting! Now imagine your sled is full Christams stuff…from an entire TOWN! My heart and lungs are ready to burst, my eyes are burning from sweat just thinking about it.

The question becomes, how are you going to turn your passion into a driving force? For most people it requires accountability and support. Which ironically enough, I can provide both at Just You Fitness :-).

The third and final thing we’ll talk about is Work Ethic.

We have seen how passion let the Grinch to steal Christmas, we have seen how Drive enabled the Grinch to do something with his passion, lastly we will see how the Grinch’s work ethic enabled him to accomplish the unthinkable.

Because the Grinch had an amazing work ethic. He single-handedly was able to steal an entire town’s Christmas. Now, full disclosure, I didn’t look this up, but I think this is a fairly safe statement to mention, never before in the history of time has anyone ever repeated this amazing feat, nor will this ever be repeated again.

I mean think about it! What other documentary is propagated throughout the Christmas holiday season more then the Grinch? How many countless generations have been inspire because of the Grinch’s drive, passion, and work ethic, or at least I’d like to think so :-).

So, what about you? Do you have work ethic like the Grinch? Many of my clients who originally came to me would say, “No!” However, now I am probably able to say, most of my clients now have a great work ethic when it comes to exercise. Work ethic is something that is developed over time. It is something that can be taught and learned. Many of my clients when they first come to me disliked working out, disliked eating better and everything else that entailed. However, as time went, they got gradually better and they developed work ethic…just like the mighty Grinch.

I wish I knew the secret how the Grinch develop his work ethic, but unfortunately I do not. This will require more study. But maybe next year I’ll be able to crack the code because then everyone will be madly successful 🙂

In Summary

At Just You Fitness Winston-Salem I help clients who lack passion, who lack drive, who lack work ethic get phenomenal results. Why? Because just like the Grinch, I help them develop a passion and a vision of what they want and where they’re going. I then instill within them the drive to do great things!  Much more than they ever thought possible. And then lastly, I help them develop a work ethic when it comes to exercise, which enables then to not only accomplished great and mighty tasks in the weight room, but in every other area of their lives. That coupled with a fun and engaging environment where we can focus on just you and just you getting phenomenal results at Just You Fitness Winston-Salem.

Now, obviously I do not condone stealing Christmas as the Grinch did, but I am a big fan of the lessons that can be seen and demonstrated in this wonderful “documentary” that is shown yearly during the holiday season :-).


Now go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – The Grinch is inspiring :-).

PS – Want to experience what I am talking about? Test drive a Free Session,


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