As I’ve mentioned before posture is very important.

It impacts how you act and how you feel. Believe it or not, there’s even a direct correlation between your posture and how deeply you breathe, how much energy you have, and even how much confidence feel. And the list could go on and on.

So this week I really want you to be conscious and focus on having good posture.

The trigger that I would like you to use it every time you check to see what time it is I want you to check to see what kind of posture you have.

Think of the clock as that caring, loving individual that was in your life that always nagged and asks for you to stand up or sit up straight. Can you remember anybody in your life who lovingly nagged you like that?

I actually did not, as funny as that may seem, I didn’t. As I mentioned before, I was overly conscious of my posture and did everything I could to make sure I had a good posture. I wanted to look and feel strong and confident. As a result, I felt strong and confident, honestly maybe too confident :-).

What Are The CONS?

If you’re not very Vigilant about having good posture it is pretty easy for you to lose focus. How many times are you at a computer with your shoulders rounded forward?  Or how many times are you seated at a desk doing some task and your lower back starts to ache? Or you’ve been seated for a really long time watching a movie and your hips start to get tight? A lot of these things occur to us because we have poor posture.

Plus, when you have poor posture your circulation decreases. This coupled with a sore back and neck also makes it so that you lose the ability to focus. Once you lose the ability to focus, your motivation goes down, this is turn causes your stress levels to go up, which affects your mood and you end up in “Frown Town.” …And, as I said,  the list could go on and on.

Below is a quick guide from the National Academy of Sports Medicine so you can see how you Stand Up:

So, how do you stack up? Or should I say how do you “stand up?”

The challenge this week is to improve your posture! And I want you to do that by by checking your posture every time you check your watch.

Have an awesome week!

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Checking the clock = checking my posture

PS – Any other posture tips you all can think of? Let me know.

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