To find success quickly, it is easiest done by laying a firm foundation with the help of someone who has been where you are at.

Disclaimer: My parents are in town today so this is going to be short and sweet I promise : ).
To illustrate what I mean from the quote above, I’m going to tell a story about Axel, my four-year-old son. Since before Axel was born, I always shave in the morning. So, throughout his entire four-year-old existence, he has seen me get up, go to the bathroom, splash water on my face, get my shaving cream, put it on my face, get a razor, and shave. This habit is an ingrained part of his life.
Around when he was 2 years old, he started asking questions, pointing, and mumbling. Axel was essentially asking, “What is Daddy doing?” I would say, “Daddy is shaving.”   And then Axel would state, “Axel want to shave.” and that’s when it began.

Fast forward to age 4.

Almost everyday when Axel wakes up and sees me shaving, he runs in and he has to shave too. He even knows the routine now. He splashes water on his face, he makes sure the water’s warm though, because, “Axel don’t like the cold water!” While I’m putting cream on my face Axel waits patiently, which is a miracle, but apparently this is the one time he will sit still and be quiet. I then put some cream on his hands, he rubs it on his face, I then get out his razor, which has a cover over it so it doesn’t slice the snot out of himself. I leave a little trickle of water going and we shave.

“Axel is a good shaver!”

To say Axel is proud of himself is an understatement, he is VERY proud of himself and finds a lot of pleasure from being able to shave.
Axel has a set schedule and he keeps to it and he enjoys it.  Axel has found success quickly in regards to shaving because he has a firm foundation. This firm foundation was taught and learned from observing me and being taught by me.
Now the funny thing is, I learned to shave pretty much exactly the same way for my dad.  I started by watching my dad shave every morning, I then got curious, I then wanted to try it and basically the same narrative from the above was learned.

You TOO can have success quickly!

You can have the same success when it comes to exercise and fitness and becoming a better fitter person.  Go to someone, preferably me :-), who has been where you’re at. I once was 308 pounds. Learn from them, this will be the easiest way that you can establish a firm foundation. Because everyone knows if your foundation is a weak you just going to crack and crumble. And the quicker you establish a firm foundation the quicker you will be successful.
Now go be awesome!
KELLEN LAKE – World’s go to expert on shaving : )
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